How To Seduce Women Using Only Your Words

Seduction is the art where you weave your way to a woman's heart through words. Words and language are your tools, and a great tool of seduction is a metaphor. Scientific studies prove that a carefully crafted metaphor can paint a memorable and captivating visual in her mind.

Touch Her Emotions With a Powerful Metaphor

A simple definition of a metaphor is a figure of speech comparing two things.

An example:

"You are like a rose, pretty and delicate, though I noticed you're not defenseless; you have thorns to protect you!"

There are subtle differences between analogies, similes and metaphors, but to keep things simple I'll use the term, metaphor.

Here's another example:

"You are like a candle's flickering flame, radiating a soft warm light into everyone you meet."

Watch the Italian film, Il Postino (The Postman) for more examples of seductive metaphors.

Set Up Your Metaphors With Attention Grabbers

You'll want her to sit up and take notice, so preface your metaphor with a phrase that will immediately grab her attention. Once you have her attention, you can paint all sorts of images in her mind.

Here are a few examples of attention grabbers:

"I'm about to tell you something you've probably never heard before..."

"What I'm about to tell you may come as a complete surprise to you..."

"I've noticed something very interesting about you and what I'm about to tell you may come as a surprise...[pause for dramatic effect] remind me of a rose..."

A metaphor may sound like you're throwing her a line, so craft your words in a casual conversational tone and express yourself in a calm and unhurried manner. Use pauses to create tension. In the following example, I've included the use of repetition, another powerful technique:

You: What I'm about to tell you may come as a surprise... (attention grabber).

Her: Oh? What's that?

You: remind me of a rose in the sense that you're pretty like a rose, soft like a rose, and delicate like a rose...

Her: Oh!

You: But...[pause for dramatic effect]

Her: What is it?

You: But you're not defenseless. You protect yourself with thorns, just like a rose.

Women enjoy compliments, but they want to hear something different. Realize that a beautiful woman gets hit on all the time. She's approached by typical guys with predictable come-ons. She can predict what they're about to say even before they say it. Be the man that breaks that pattern! Be different. Be interesting.

How To Use Metaphors to Explain a Complex Subject

Want to show off your worldly knowledge but don't want to bore her with technical details? Here's how to hold her attention with the use of metaphors.

Let's say you study medicine and want to give her a quick anatomy lesson on the human heart. You can say something like:

"The heart is like the main hub in a train station in which arteries and veins are the tracks and tunnels."

Not only does this visual simplify the subject matter, it also engages her imagination.

The use of poetic metaphors requires a creative flair. This is why romance novels are very popular with women. They activate their imaginations and take them on a wild ride of drama, danger and sexual adventure.

A Few Caveats

Before you use a metaphor, get to know her first. Don't compare her to a flower if she's allergic to them. So be careful of using metaphors on girls you've just met. Once you have an idea of what she's like, you can make up metaphors on the spot. You'll come across as genuine and sincere. Don't be surprised, her beauty can inspire a lot out of you!

Use metaphors that illustrate a woman's feminine appeal, like comparing her to a butterfly, a delicious peach, etc. Don't compare her to a wrench.

Test your metaphors on friends. Ask for feedback.

Also, don't get carried away using several metaphors in one sitting. You don't want to dilute your efforts, so use them sparingly.

One last thing. When using a metaphor, timing is crucial. Don't blurt them out at random and don't use them while walking a busy street or noisy dance club as there are too many distractions.

Pay Attention to Her Reaction

You'll want to elicit a positive response, so notice her reaction and body language. There are several ways she'll demonstrate interest.

Here are a few:

1. She leans in closer
2. Her eyes widen and pupils dilate
3. She blushes
4. She smiles
5. She giggles

The quality of her thinking determines the quality of her experience with you. Thoughts lead to feelings. The right metaphor can light up her emotional core and guide her toward positive feelings about you.

A metaphor works like a powerful magic spell. It is a tool of attraction. Write a few of your own and discover the enchanting effects they have over beautiful women.

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