Enjoy Your Favorite Pastime While You Learn the Secrets to Attracting Women

"The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is 'What does a woman want?'" - Sigmund Freud

Impressing a beautiful woman is not easy. It’s not meant to be. Just like birds chirp, dance and flair their feathers to attract a mate, we too have a need to impress those we are attracted to. But not all have refined this ability which hinders the chance of charming the ladies.

After all, empires have been raised and ruined all in efforts of impressing the fairer sex. So what can you do to leave her with a favorable impression? Let me explain.

Pick-up routines can help you talk a good game and there’s nothing wrong with that. Working with canned material is a means to an end; the proverbial crowbar to leverage a foot in the door. However there comes a time to show and not tell.

How to Move Beyond Canned Material and Have Her Brag to Her Friends About You

There are skills you can work on that will have an alluring effect and spark an interest in her eyes.

You can develop these skills through hobbies. And note, complete mastery is not the end goal for these skills, though it helps to be fairly adept. So be sure to put some zest in your efforts otherwise a half-hearted attempt will make for an awkward display of showmanship.
So how can you cultivate yourself into a more fascinating person? Here are a few suggestions:

9 Hobbies That Will Leave Women Spellbound

How To Seduce a Woman With Her Own Fantasies

If You Had the Key to Unlocking a Woman’s Desires, How Would You Use It?

Women may be full of secrets, but within their hearts is an archive of pleasant memories and erotic fantasies. One way to awakened these dormant memories (and feelings) is by a hypnotic process called revivification.

The dictionary defines revivification as:

To give new life or spirit to; revive.

By reminding her of a pleasant experience it also rekindles the positive feelings associated with it.

How To Revive a Pleasurable Feeling:

A few simple questions will get her thinking and those thoughts will turn into feelings. Here are some examples:

What was your best relationship like?” or “What was the most fun date you’ve ever had?”

Let’s go over a few advantages that revivification offers:

How to Meet Women All In One Easy Step

Try One Approach and Meet as Many Women As You Can Handle

"Even people who aren't geniuses can outthink the rest of mankind if they develop certain thinking habits." ~ Charles Darwin

And perhaps someday someone will quote me as well. In the meantime I'm going to safely assume you're having a wee bit of trouble meeting women. 

Lucky for you ol' chap, I got just the remedy!

Seriously though, let's just say for some odd reason, the countless number of pick-up artist tips isn't helping. 

If so, don't worry, we've all been there so you're not alone.  

Perhaps you're overwhelmed by what's known as, "information overload." There's too much damn information and not enough time to figure it all out!

Well it makes sense since we're still knee-deep in the age of information, and with social media in the mix the net chatter and noise is only going to grow and grow.  There is tons of material to read, decipher and absorb that will make your head spin off it's neck-bone.

The One Step To Create  Momentum

Now I should point out it's not necessarily 'all in one easy step' but rather an easier step than what you may be doing. 

So where do you begin and what can you do today? Here's a simple babystep approach: try one technique today. Perhaps a tip you read somewhere or heard about. That’s it, only one. Not two or three...just one.

Let me explain my point with a brief story and then take a moment to reflect. 

Quick and Easy Way to Make Her Laugh (VIDEO)

Want to get a few giggles out of her? While on a date, carry pen and paper and draw some silly pictures. You can do this after grabbing a bite to eat and use a napkin or get a drawing app for your phone. Need some ideas? Here’s comic, Demetri Martin showing off some of his hilarious artwork and believe me anyone can draw these! You can skip the interview and fast forward to minute 3:50. Can't see the video? Try this link instead.

How To Tease a Woman in Under Two Minutes

Here's a fun game to play with a woman, The Five Questions Game, as demonstrated by Neil Strauss, author of The Game. The objective of the Five Questions Game is to answer all five questions wrong. Sounds simple enough and the perfect game of tease.

The simplicity of the game is what baits her, it challenges her competitive nature. She may be a bit wary at first, but the challenge is too good to pass up. As Neil Strauss suggests, it's best to play when you have something at stake; a friendly wager such as loser buys a drink.

I've played it several times and rarely does it go past the fourth question. It's great at parties because I have women fix and serve me drinks. They even call their friends over to play. I tease further by requesting they serve it with a smile.

How To Seduce Women Using Only Your Words

Seduction is the art where you weave your way to a woman's heart through words. Words and language are your tools, and a great tool of seduction is a metaphor. Scientific studies prove that a carefully crafted metaphor can paint a memorable and captivating visual in her mind.

Touch Her Emotions With a Powerful Metaphor

A simple definition of a metaphor is a figure of speech comparing two things.

An example:

"You are like a rose, pretty and delicate, though I noticed you're not defenseless; you have thorns to protect you!"

There are subtle differences between analogies, similes and metaphors, but to keep things simple I'll use the term, metaphor.

Here's another example:

Want to Attract More Women? Focus on These Three Areas

"Training is the opposite of hoping." - Nike slogan

Meeting more women is not as cut and dry as some pick up artists may have you believe. Memorizing pick up routines can only take you so far, but what happens when you run out of material?

It's like a chess player who memorizes openings while ignoring the end game. Their progress will be limited. Serious chess players learn all facets of the game; the opening, middle and end.

Same goes with your personal progress and meeting women requires laser-like focus on a few areas of personal development. Once you have these areas covered, you will have leverage on your side and success will neatly fall into place.